Five Restaurant Industry Trends That Indicate Breakfast & Brunch Are Growing

Restaurant industry trends show that the breakfast, lunch, and brunch industries are growing! Learn more about breakfast restaurant trends and the increasing demand.

Beyond Avocado Toast: Five Trends to Watch

Trends are important indicators of where a market is headed. The current general direction of the breakfast, brunch, and lunch industries looks bright. If you’re thinking about opening a breakfast restaurant franchise and are curious about the breakfast market share, check out these five trends as reported by the National Restaurant Association’s 2023 What’s Hot Culinary Forecast:


  1. Consumers are craving restaurant experiences, being a part of a community, and participating in a local dining scene. After so much time apart due to the pandemic, people want to socialize and celebrate in person.
  2. As inflation hits consumers’ pocketbooks, value is more important than ever. Grocery process have risen faster than menu prices, making restaurant dining more accessible. Plus, the restaurant experience of service and community cannot be replicated at home, creating valuable opportunities to connect and make lasting memories.
  3. The rise of remote work has changed people’s schedules. As the 9-to-5 work day becomes less of a norm, the perception of dayparts has been turned on its ear. Working people want to grab a bite when they’re hungry and it’s convenient. Meeting “after work” is no longer the only option. Breakfast and brunch work meetings are now more common, as well.
  4. Comfort food is still king, and consumers will never stop craving their favorites. However, diners also want healthy options alongside their comforting go-to’s. Vegetarian, vegan, and meat alternatives are appearing on more menus.
  5. There are a few menu options consumers can’t seem to get enough of. Value meals, handhelds like waffle sandwiches and French toast sticks, and veggie or tofu scrambles are popular breakfast items, while the chicken sandwich continues to dominate lunch cravings. People are also enjoying spritzes, espresso martinis, and spicy cocktails with brunch. A breakfast restaurant franchise like the Toasted Yolk Café has a thriving bar scene as well as breakfast, brunch, and lunch.

Breakfast and Brunch: The Sweet and the Savory

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and brunch isn’t far behind. As more people head back into restaurants, the times for what to eat when have blurred. Breakfast all day? No problem. A burger at brunch? Why yes! Consumers love breakfast foods any time. Brunch is no longer just a fancy affair. It’s now a time to meet family, friends, or business associates and enjoy delicious food and maybe even a cocktail or some lunch items.


Beyond the basics of eggs and toast, bold new flavors are in vogue. People expect choices and breakfast and brunch are the best meals for offering consumers a wide range of menu items. Breakfast is a staple and brunch can be more decadent, sociable, and fun. It’s a booming segment according to restaurant industry trends; for example, the Toasted Yolk Café more than doubled in size in 24 months.

Toasted Yolk Café: On Trend

Our customers love The Toasted Yolk Café for our contemporary spin on classic breakfast, brunch, and lunch. Our franchisees love that our brand stands apart from the competition not only for The Toasted Yolk approach to omelets, scrambles, pancakes, sandwiches, salads, soups, but for our fun, festive atmosphere that attracts loyal patrons seeking community.


If you’re looking to invest in a breakfast restaurant franchise that knows how to honor classics while remaining on trend with consumers, the Toasted Yolk Café is the brand you’re looking for. Our current franchisees enjoy the benefits of our multiple revenue streams, streamlined staffing, and limited restaurant hours of 7:00 a.m. through 3:00 p.m. allowing both our owners and their employees an amazing work/life balance.


We’re a proven success in a competitive market seeking experienced franchisees to grow with our brand. With many new markets under consideration, now is the time to join The Toasted Yolk team. Don’t hit snooze on this chance to invest in the trending breakfast market. Request Info to learn more about the opportunity to own your own Toasted Yolk Café.


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