Does Snooze Franchise?

Does Snooze Franchise?

Want to open a Snooze franchise? Here’s the latest on who owns Snooze Eatery, the Snooze franchise cost, and Snooze AM Eatery alternatives.

Snooze Eatery Franchise: What to Know

You may be considering investing in a restaurant franchise. Franchises offer a proven business model, brand recognition, and support from an established company. A hot segment of the restaurant business today is the breakfast-brunch-lunch category. According to IBISWorld, the breakfast restaurant market size was $11.1 billion with a growth rate of 9.8% in 2022. What’s that mean? It just may be a great time to invest in a breakfast-brunch-lunch franchise.

One popular restaurant chain that might catch your attention is Snooze AM Eatery. Founded in 2006 as a single shift operation, appealing to employees seeking work/life balance, Snooze focuses on community, efficiency, and reducing their environmental impact. These values align with the Gen Z demographic, as does their creative breakfast, brunch, and booze menu.

But does Snooze franchise? And what is the Snooze AM Eatery franchise cost? Snooze does not currently offer franchise opportunities, operating instead as a company-owned chain, so there is no chance to buy a Snooze of your own. While this might be disappointing news for potential franchisees, it doesn’t mean there aren’t similar concepts and better franchise opportunities worth considering. The popular South Texas breakfast-brunch-lunch franchise the Toasted Yolk Café is just such a viable and exciting option.

The Toasted Yolk Café: A Next Gen Brunch Franchise

While sharing similarities with Snooze in terms of menu and vibe, the Toasted Yolk Café differs in a significant way: they franchise! Founded in Texas in 2010, Toasted Yolk has been franchising since 2016, is rapidly expanding, and has available territories for potential franchisees. Not your grandma’s brunch spot, the Toasted Yolk appeals to a broad demographic and is an excellent choice for individuals interested in opening a Snooze-like establishment but one that franchises. Here’s why:
1. Creative Menu Selection: The Toasted Yolk offers a variety of bold and chef-driven dishes served with a twist. Unique varieties of popular breakfast, brunch, and lunch dishes and limited time offers generate excitement and keep customers coming back. The inventive brunch menu is designed to satisfy foodies and doesn’t forget about the lunch crowd.
2. Quality and Innovation: The Toasted Yolk prioritizes the use of fresh, quality ingredients and enticing flavor combinations. With Creole, Tex-Mex, Californian, and Southern dishes on the menu, diners of all generations and tastes are satisfied. From classics and timeless favorites to new and bold flavors, the Toasted Yolk raises the bar on what makes breakfast delicious. Speaking of…
3. The Bar: Toasted Yolk’s vibrant and inviting atmosphere is generated by the full bar at the heart of every cafe. A friendly and energetic ambiance makes customers feel at home. It’s a festive place to meet, where lively conversations happen, and the atmosphere radiates warmth and fun for friends and families. Offering wine, beer, champagne, and cocktails, mixologists are at the helm.
4. Proven Brand: The Toasted Yolk is the #1 brunch concept in Texas, expected to double in size in 2023. The proven business model puts the Toasted Yolk at the forefront of a booming breakfast, brunch, and lunch category. Franchisees love the one-shift operation, open from 7am-3pm, providing greater quality of life for everyone who works at the café, as well as the training and ongoing support providing the tools needed to run a successful business.
5. Growth Opportunities: The Toasted Yolk is a rapidly growing brand with franchise markets for potential franchisees. As Toasted Yolk is poised for expansion, it’s an exciting time to get in on the ground floor and grow with the brand. As a member of the Toasted Yolk franchise family, you can be part of an emerging brand, playing a pivotal role in its success.

Don’t Snooze on Owning a Toasted Yolk Café

Now is the time to invest in the Toasted Yolk Café. Our steps to ownership are simple, streamlined, and designed to minimize frustration and maximize time. Learn more about our ownership process and the numerous benefits of being a Toasted Yolk franchisee including quality of life in a booming category, access to multiple revenue streams, training, and support. Don’t snooze! Request information today.

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