Tasty Ownership BEnefits

Quality of Life

Being open from 7 am – 3 pm, you can actually have a life and so can your employees. This easily can make you the employer of choice!

One Shift Operation

Toasted Yolk maximizes HR resources which gives you the opportunity to hire, train, and retain the best talent available!

Booming Category

Breakfast, Brunch, & Lunch is still one of the hottest categories in the casual dining space and The Toasted Yolk has more than doubled its size in the past 24 months.

Multiple Revenue Streams

Catering, To-Go, 3rd Party Delivery, Online Ordering, and Private Events.

Excellent Demographics & Check Average

Our customers tend to be solid middle and upper middle class who have the money to dine out frequently, they appreciate premium food & a quality dining experience. This is why our check average comes in at over $16 per person.

Chef Driven Menus

Whether it is our delicious breakfast offerings and signature cocktails, or our proprietary “Arnolds”, this is a food menu for foodies. Where other daytime cafes fall short with lunch we celebrate it! The best lunch menu in the category featuring excellent burgers, scratch made soups and salads, and stacked sandwiches. 

Personalized and Meaningful Support

Very simply, we only win if you win. Our support starts before your agreements are signed. We have a dedicated, experienced staff that is truly focused on making our system and your operation excellent. The support and training is real and really effective. In addition, we scrutinize our candidates, choosing only those that are a cultural and operational fit. Shared passion, shared commitment, shared success! 

Proven Success

The Toasted Yolk Cafe has dominated the highly competitive South Texas daytime market since its inception in 2010. Our AUVs are among the highest in the industry which speaks to the quality of our food & operation as well as our commitment to the support of our franchise system. Most importantly we are multi-unit operators ourselves and have built our system based on real, practical knowledge. 

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Meet The Team

“There is a lot of support and people to reach out to. Whether it’s corporate or another franchisee there is always someone willing to help.”
Melissa & Jerry
Toasted Yolk Franchise Owners

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